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At F8 today, Facebook released SDKs and documentation for the integration of Delegated Account Recovery into Java, NodeJS and Ruby applications.
A new ransomware-as-a-service called Karmen appeals to ransomware newbies with a low price, easy setup and developer updates.
A rash of Java-based remote access Trojans is targeting tax filers with bogus IRS attachments.
Microsoft eased some anxiety over the latest ShadowBrokers dump of Windows zero days with news most of the vulnerabilities had already been patched.
VMware patched a critical vulnerability in its vCenter Server platform late last week that could have let an attacker execute arbitrary code in some scenarios.
The latest ShadowBrokers dump includes exploits that allowed the NSA to target SWIFT data managed by outsourced service bureaus in the Middle East.
At the Kaspersky Lab Security Analyst Summit, Android Security Team malware analyst Elena Kovakina explained Google’s strategy for countering ransomware on Android.
Mike Mimoso, Tom Spring, and Chris Brook recap Infiltrate Con in Miami last week, and Kaspersky Lab’s Security Analyst Summit in St. Maarten
A researcher at this year’s Security Analyst Summit staged a series of honeypots at his friends’ houses to record IoT traffic, exploit attempts and other statistics.
Here are the exploit kits to watch for over the next three to six months.
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