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Victims infected with the MarsJoke ransomware can now decrypt their files; researchers cracked the encryption in the CTB-Locker lookalike last week.
Academics from Stanford and Princeton release an online tool called Footprints that correlates browsing history with Twitter feeds to reveal a users identity.
Government ICS report reveals access control a major issue for sector along with nagging issues around poor code quality and cryptography.
The latest on the Yahoo breach, Germany’s problem with WhatsApp-Facebook, Facebook’s osquery tool for Windows, and Zerodium’s $1.5M iOS bounty are all discussed.
A researcher who found a slew of vulnerabilities in a popular router says it’s so hopelessly broken that consumers who own them should throw them away.
Zerodium tripled the bounty it offers for an Apple iOS 10 remote jailbreak, boosting the reward to $1.5 million.
Experts challenge Yahoo’s assertion that state-sponsored hackers were behind a 2014 breach that resulted in 500 million lost records.
Cisco released a patch for a critical flaw that allowed a remote attacker to gain control of one of its email security appliances.
The Vendetta Brothers have mastered the real-world art of organized crime – outsourcing, partnerships, diversification and insulating liability.
Microsoft announced a cloud-based fuzz testing service called Project Springfield that identifies software bugs in applications that could turn into vulnerabilities.
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