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Noted cryptographer waxes on the threats posed by physical cyber systems, ‘going dark’ and a crypto arms race.
The SEC, FBI, and DoJ are all investigating Facebook on the heels of its Cambridge-Analytica scandal from March.
World Cup travelers should leave their mobile phones, laptops and tablets behind.
The operation also resulted in the seizure of nearly $2.4 million and the recovery of about $14 million in fraudulent wire transfers, said the FBI.
The North Korean-sponsored actors are targeting sensitive and proprietary information, and the malware could disrupt regular operations and disable systems and files.
Cloud migration and automated systems, data privacy and encryption all remain central issues for the FBI as it considers its mandate and role in the modern digital age.
Tech-support scams took off during the year, while whaling/business email compromise was the main threat, accounting for losses of more than $675 million.
A recent FBI public service advisory warned of an increase in reports of compromised or spoofed emails involving W-2 forms.
WhatsApp said that claims that infiltrators can add themselves to an encrypted group chat without being noticed is incorrect.
U.S. Deputy Attorney General and other top cyber policy makers warn the use of strong encryption hobbles law enforcement’s ability to protect the public and solve crimes and is a serious problem.