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Several developer tools capture a screen as an app crashes and send it to a third-party server creating a risk of corporate data leakage.
The news comes as President Trump tweets opposition to take-down efforts by the tech giants.
After a report said Google tracks users even when they opt out, the company is under fire from activists and has been slapped with a lawsuit.
The program focuses on potential abuse methods across Google’s product-specific channels like Google+, Youtube, Gmail and Blogger.
A recent report found that Google services – with functions like checking maps, the weather, and search – are tracking users even when they deny permission.
Sloppy Android developers not following security guidelines for external storage opens the door to device takeover and more.
Researchers crack voice authentication systems by recreating any voice using under ten minutes of sample audio.
Project Zero researcher highlights stubborn iOS bugs as an example of why Apple and the rest of the industry needs to take a fresh approach to securing systems.
At Black Hat, Google’s Parisa Tabriz discussed how to navigate the complex security environment with long-term thinking and a policy of open collaboration.
Security experts aren’t happy after Fortnite’s creator, Epic Games, announced it would not go through Google Play.
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