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This week’s news includes a Microsoft zero-day flaw and Yahoo’s recent email privacy snafu.
Unlike its browser competitors, Firefox will soon start blocking tracking cookies by default in the name of consumer privacy.
Armed with the information, adversaries can explore and attack the local WiFi network, or identify and physically track any Android device.
The Qualcomm Life Capsule Datacaptor Terminal Server and the Becton Dickinson Alaris TIVA Syringe Pump allow remote access without authentication.
The Schneider Electric PowerLogic PM5560 and Modicon M221 are both susceptible to attack via an array of high-severity flaws.
Having the right set of broad data is the linchpin to effective threat-hunting.
Facebook failed to fully sanitize error data returned by a public facing web app.
A Windows task scheduler API function does not check permissions – so any potential local bad actor can alter them to gain elevated privileges.
Adobe issues a second unscheduled update this month to address a bug with a publicly available proof-of-concept code in the wild.
Botnets fused with artificial intelligence are decentralized and self-organized systems, capable of working together toward a common goal – attacking networks.
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