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Production lines were halted for two days, and the effects to the global supply chain for mobile phones could be felt for the third quarter and beyond.
InfoSec Insider Justin Jett shares his opinions on how to avoid false positive security threat fatigue before sets in and companies drop their guard.
The emails claim that all of the victim’s devices have been hacked and infected with the infamous ransomware — and then ask for Bitcoin to “fix” it.
The Feds say Marcus Hutchins is behind both the UPAS Kit backdoor and the Kronos banking trojan.
Threatpost talked to several security researchers about what’s changed in the past year.
Microsoft president Brad Smith at RSAC 2018 said more than 30 companies will oppose government cyberattacks on “innocent civilians.”
Verizon pegged ransomware as the most prevalent malware in its 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report.
The city of Atlanta is being extorted for $51,000 in a ransomware attack that occurred early Thursday that impacted several local government departments.
The vulnerability also exposed login credentials for a massive national insurance claims database, Upguard says.
A legal defense fund established to ease Marcus Hutchins’ attorney costs has been disbanded after a sizable number of fraudulent donations were discovered.