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Who We Are

First Armor is an experienced IT organization which focuses on providing a rich array of security services mainly around Network Security services and technology within East Africa.

This we accomplish by leveraging our tried and tested Cyber Mission Integration Platform to address five critical elements: policy, people, operations, technology, and management.

We provide our array of services to organizations of various sizes with different needs and are thus well versed with tailoring our services to fit organizations of every size.

Our Purpose
  • Monitor IT systems infrastructure for cyber security threats and provide Computer Network Defense – 24/7 monitoring capabilities to prevent attacks but to also ensure that when an attack does occur, it’s quickly identified and neutralized.
  • Provide cyber intelligence information using Advanced Cyber Analytics tools to help organizations connect the dots within massive amounts of cyber risk data, identifying the trends, anomalies, and relationships that lead to proactive threat detection.
  • Provide robust, seamless and end-to-end defense capabilities focused on risk-based solutions that prioritize threats, risks and vulnerabilities
Our Skills
Vulnerability Testing 95%
IT Security Solutions 85%
Training and Certification 92%
Customer Security Solutions 82%
Physical Security 75%