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Every minute, there are also 5,518 records leaked from publicly disclosed incidents.
The highly sophisticated operation shares code with the Hermes malware, and may be linked to the Lazarus Group APT actor.
This could mark yet another reinvention for the VenusLocker group, which has mostly been focused on cryptomining this year.
Samples of the malware have been found in an array of countries, including Brazil and Vietnam.
Threatpost talks to Commvault’s Matt Tyrer about the recent COSCO ransomware attack.
The researchers saw the new version in action in a large email campaign on July 18, just one day after it debuted in underground forums.
The Shanghai-based shipping giant’s website and phones remained down two days after the attack.
Researchers found a new version of GandCrab – but no evidence that the ransomware is using the same SMB exploit as Wannacry.
The emails claim that all of the victim’s devices have been hacked and infected with the infamous ransomware — and then ask for Bitcoin to “fix” it.
Threatpost talked to several security researchers about what’s changed in the past year.
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