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BusyGasper is rudimentary spyware with a bevy of novel twists that is highly effective at collecting and exfiltrating data from Android phones.
Facebook failed to fully sanitize error data returned by a public facing web app.
The news comes as President Trump tweets opposition to take-down efforts by the tech giants.
Facebook has been struggling to keep its data privacy woes at bay this week, between banning apps on its social media platform – and pulling its own app from Apple’s store.
The DNC thwarts a phishing effort aimed at its voter database, days after Microsoft’s Fancy Bear disruption and Facebook’s efforts against Iranian propaganda.
Bugcrowd’s CTO and founder Casey Ellis talked to Threatpost about the recently launched HP printer bug bounty program.
In a probable quest to build a botnet, someone is hacking Instagram accounts, deleting handles, avatars and personal details, and linking them to a new email address.
A recent report found that Google services – with functions like checking maps, the weather, and search – are tracking users even when they deny permission.
The social media giant cracked down on Facebook Pages suspected of political deception months before the November midterm elections.
Threatpost editors Tom Spring and Lindsey O’Donnell talk about the week’s biggest news.