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Facebook has been struggling to keep its data privacy woes at bay this week, between banning apps on its social media platform – and pulling its own app from Apple’s store.
Attackers can abuse URL requests processed by an email program for Mac to steal files from the victim — sometimes without user interaction.
Project Zero researcher highlights stubborn iOS bugs as an example of why Apple and the rest of the industry needs to take a fresh approach to securing systems.
A Black Hat talk demonstrates the ease of poking holes in firewalls: How to break, bypass and dismantle macOS firewall products.
Production lines were halted for two days, and the effects to the global supply chain for mobile phones could be felt for the third quarter and beyond.
Senator sends letter to NSA and NIST urging a mandate to stop using Adobe Flash by August 2019.
A high-severity flaw could result in attackers intercepting information, elevation of privilege and/or denial of service.
Researchers released a workaround for Apple’s USB Restricted Mode security feature the same day it was rolled out.
Apple has officially added a controversial security feature, USB Restricted Mode, to iPhones as part of its new iOS 11.4.1, released on Monday.
Researcher brings Apple down to earth, addressing Mac malware questions and the company’s smart moves to bolster security.