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WHOIS, the searchable “phonebook” of contact data for internet domains, may violate GDPR — or it may not. A lawsuit seeks to find out which it is.
The low-cost malware lowers the barrier of entry for carrying out advanced data exfiltration.
Huawei stamps out four high-severity bugs impacting 20 server models ranging from its XH, RH and CH lines.
Threatpost talks to Tenable CTO Renaud Deraison about the security risks behind smart cities.
A serious vulnerability was patched by developers behind Git that closes the door on a flaw that could lead to arbitrary code execution on a developer’s system.
The botnet operators behind two infamous trojans have banded together to gouge victims in a costly scheme.
Fortune 500 breaches seem to be a theme this week.
Google has rolled out its newest browser version (Chrome 67.0.3396.62) for Windows, Mac and Linux this week with new security fixes and biometric features.
The North Korean-sponsored actors are targeting sensitive and proprietary information, and the malware could disrupt regular operations and disable systems and files.
Two Canadian banks reported that they may be targets of a hack after fraudsters claimed that they electronically accessed personal and account information.