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This week’s news includes a Microsoft zero-day flaw and Yahoo’s recent email privacy snafu.
A Windows task scheduler API function does not check permissions – so any potential local bad actor can alter them to gain elevated privileges.
Misconfigured DIY smart-home hubs for home automation could allow attackers to track owners’ movements, see if smart doors and windows are opened or closed, and even open garage doors.
After researchers found more than 100 Android apps infected by malicious Microsoft Windows executable files, the apps have been removed from Google Play.
Researchers found a new version of GandCrab – but no evidence that the ransomware is using the same SMB exploit as Wannacry.
Microsoft patches 17 critical bugs and 34 important bugs as part of its monthly security bulletin.
Researcher brings Apple down to earth, addressing Mac malware questions and the company’s smart moves to bolster security.
Adobe patched the Flash Player vulnerability (CVE-2018-5002) earlier on Thursday.
A Microsoft Windows vulnerability enables remote attackers to execute arbitrary code – and there’s no patch yet.
Thanks to auto-play, it’s possible to crash Windows systems by simply inserting the drive into the USB port, no further user interaction necessary.