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Researchers from Dell SecureWorks infiltrated a Nigerian business email spoofing and business email compromise operation, shutting down a number of money mule accounts in the process.
Google’s Android security director touts 2016 mobile OS security accomplishments from encryption, improved APIs and new developer testing tools at the RSA Conference.
Google secures its perimeter with explicit trust in what it knows about users and the devices connecting to its corporate services.
The United States is losing on the cyber-battlefield and face a bleak threat landscape, according to DHS chairman Michael McCaul. But, he says, there is still hope to turn things around.
Citing IoT insecurity, Bruce Schneier called on technologists to get involved with IoT policy at RSA.
Cryptographers said at the RSA Conference Tuesday they’re skeptical that advances in quantum computing and artificial intelligence will profoundly transform computer security.
Adobe patched 13 code execution vulnerabilities in Flash Player today as part of its regular patch update cycle.
Increasingly, governments are outsourcing state-sponsored attacks to mitigate risk and maximize intelligence.
A researcher disclosed vulnerabilities in TP-Link C2 and C20i routers that allow for remote code execution and denial-of-service attacks with authentication.
A sudden wave of attacks against insecure databases resulting in ransom demands points to wave of data hijacking attacks.
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