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The highly sophisticated operation shares code with the Hermes malware, and may be linked to the Lazarus Group APT actor.
Researchers launched a Proof-of-Concept attack on two Android mobile phones and an embedded system board.
Cryptocurrency angel investor Michael Terpin seeks damages for “gross negligence” by the carrier, alleging it turned a blind eye to store employees’ malicious activities.
The attack targets IKE’s handshake implementation used for IPsec-based VPN connections, opening the door for MiTM attacks or for bad actors to access data carried in VPN sessions.
At Black Hat, Google’s Parisa Tabriz discussed how to navigate the complex security environment with long-term thinking and a policy of open collaboration.
The new strategy allows an attacker to instead lift ID information directly from the router, within minutes.
A high-severity flaw could result in attackers intercepting information, elevation of privilege and/or denial of service.
Buyers and sellers can exchange cash in person, transfer bank funds online or can exchange funds for prepaid cards, gift cards or other cryptocurrencies.
Noted cryptographer waxes on the threats posed by physical cyber systems, ‘going dark’ and a crypto arms race.
Scott Helme, the well-known security researcher, international speaker and the founder of the securityheaders.com and report-uri.com free tools for web security, has devoted himself to improving the security environment of the internet for the past decade. Threatpost sat down with Helme to discuss the state of web security, particularly on the encryption front — including certificate...
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