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The U.S. House of Representatives voted to renew U.S. spy provisions, extending the powers of the NSA to collect internet communications for another six years.
Banking Trojan Retefe is adopting new WannaCry tricks, adding an EternalBlue module to propagate the malware.
Tor cofounder Roger Dingledine sets the record straight at DEF CON on popular myths, and at the same time teases upcoming features.
As we approach the first anniversary of the ShadowBrokers, their true identity and source of their stolen NSA exploits remains a mystery.
Data collected from the freely available scanner called EternalBlues shows that tens of thousands of computers remain vulnerable to the SMBv1 vulnerability that spawned WannaCry and ExPetr.
Fighting attackers needs a new approach that leverages a public-private data sharing framework, enabling immediate and collective responses.
The SMBv1 file-sharing protocol abused by the NSA’s EternalBlue exploit to spread WannaCry ransomware is being disabled in the upcoming Windows Fall Creators Update, or Redstone 3.
As reports of the NSA officially connecting WannaCry to North Korea surface, experts are saying developers failed to contain the ransomware before it was ready for deployment.
Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook discuss the news of the week, including Microsoft’s XP patches, Hidden Cobra, a Nigerian BEC campaign, MacRansom, and more.
A crowdfunding effort to buy a subscription to the ShadowBrokers’ Monthly Dump Service of stolen exploits and data was shut down citing legal and ethical concerns.