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Researchers have found a half-dozen flaws in popular printer models that allow attackers to do everything from steal print jobs to conduct buffer overflow attacks.
Debian developers are recommending that the Cryptkeeper Linux encryption app be pulled from the distribution after a universal password was found.
Kaspersky Lab Principal Security Researcher Nico Brulez talks with Ryan Naraine about his upcoming SAS 2017 training on the ins and outs of malware reverse engineering and how attendees can benefit for a wide range of tips and tricks.
Researchers say NATO members were targeted for reconnaissance over the holidays by attacks using malicious OLE objects.
Researchers say NATO member were targeted over the holidays by macro malware that used advanced utilized an advanced workflow and was able to avoid analysis.
Hundreds of thousands–potentially more than one million–Netgear routers are susceptible to a pair of vulnerabilities that can lead to password disclosure.
Facebook’s Delegated Recovery delegates account-recovery permissions to third-party accounts controlled by the user. GitHub is the program’s first partner.
Credit card data and personal information in the form of recorded telephone sales pitches and sales confirmations were leaked online by telemarketer.
Academics studying 283 Android VPN apps quantified a number of problems associated with native platform support for VPN clients through the BIND_VPN_SERVICE.
Cisco Systems is warning customers of a critical vulnerability affecting three of its TelePresence MCU platform models.