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Botnets fused with artificial intelligence are decentralized and self-organized systems, capable of working together toward a common goal – attacking networks.
DDoS attacks is relentless. New techniques, new targets and a new class of attackers continue to reinvigorate one of the internet’s oldest nemesis.
Distributed Denial of Service attacks maybe one of the oldest tools in a hacker’s toolbox, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t fallen out of fashion.
Far from being a simple hacktivist filled with an impulse for social justice, a different picture emerges when his activity is collated together.
It’s a cautionary tale for those coding the complex algorithms that go into automated mitigation.
A leaky Mongo database exposed personal information of 25,000 investors and potential investors tied to the Bezop cryptocurrency.
A botnet has exploited a highly critical Drupal CMS vulnerability, which was previously disclosed by Drupal in March.
Verizon pegged ransomware as the most prevalent malware in its 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report.
Threatpost’s Tom Spring sits down with Flashpoint and Akamai to discuss how the two companies worked together to address the 2016 Mirai DDoS attacks.
A GTA hosting site is offering powerful DDoS attacks for $20 a pop, researchers say.