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Only a third believe it would be difficult or impossible to carry out a successful insider attack.
A threat actor been spotted on a number of honeypots looking to download and execute malicious cryptomining malware.
The campaign uses double infection points and two command-and-control servers.
BusyGasper is rudimentary spyware with a bevy of novel twists that is highly effective at collecting and exfiltrating data from Android phones.
The Schneider Electric PowerLogic PM5560 and Modicon M221 are both susceptible to attack via an array of high-severity flaws.
Having the right set of broad data is the linchpin to effective threat-hunting.
The attack allows snooping of data from environments that are highly secure or air-gapped, using infrared signals from smart bulbs.
The contents of the user’s screen can be gleaned through video or VoIP calls, or voice-operated virtual assistants, like Amazon Alexa.
Researchers find proof-of-concept code that can take advantage of the recently identified Apache Struts framework (CVE-2018-11776) vulnerability.
T-Mobile alerts millions of its customers to a breach of its website that resulted in subscriber names, zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses and account numbers being stolen.
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