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Apache has patched a critical remote code-execution vulnerability in Struts 2, and users should update immediately.
An unpatched buffer overflow flaw allows remote attackers to completely take over the device and enter the home network.
The recently-patched flaw could corrupt memory in such a way that an attacker could execute arbitrary code in the context of the current user.
The issue impacts several content management systems, including Typo3 and WordPress, as well as widely-used PDF generation library TCPDF.
Researchers found 20 flaws in Samsung’s SmartThings Hub controller – opening up supported third-party smart home devices to attack.
The July Android Security bulletin tackles 44 vulnerabilities in all, with the bulk rated high in severity.
An exploit allows attackers to remotely overwrite archive files with their own content, and from there pivot to achieving remote command execution on the machine.
Remote code execution vulnerabilities dominate this month’s critical Android patches.
A pen-tester has found five vulnerabilities in Dell EMC RecoverPoint devices, including a critical RCE that could allow total system compromise.
An attacker can gain man-in-the-middle access to inject a rogue executable file onto the phone.