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A new email campaign includes a Microsoft Office Publisher file with malicious URLs leading to the FlawedAmmyy RAT.
The issue impacts several content management systems, including Typo3 and WordPress, as well as widely-used PDF generation library TCPDF.
This includes physical fitness aids, applications in phones that track locations, and other devices and apps that could pinpoint and track the location of individuals in active combat zones.
Phishing emails purported to be commercial offers – but were really installing remote administration software on victims’ systems.
After researchers found more than 100 Android apps infected by malicious Microsoft Windows executable files, the apps have been removed from Google Play.
DDoS attacks is relentless. New techniques, new targets and a new class of attackers continue to reinvigorate one of the internet’s oldest nemesis.
Apple has officially added a controversial security feature, USB Restricted Mode, to iPhones as part of its new iOS 11.4.1, released on Monday.
VDOO’s CEO talks to Threatpost about security issues discovered in Axis IP cameras and issues overall in the IoT security market.
The devices don’t require authentication for connections received on a local network; and, HTTP is used to configure or control embedded devices.
The ability of these simple files to open Excel and download any data from the internet makes them extremely dangerous.