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What We Offer
Managed Security Services
We offer complete turnkey solutions to help customers with their IT security needs all on one place to your organization to streamline and rapidly improve your IT security posture
Log Monitoring
We take one of the most critical role of IT security personnel and provide clear analysis of potential issues that our security monitoring system detects in your organization’s log entries.
Web Security Audits
The number of sites that have been compromised over the past few years continues to rapidly increase, our services monitors irregular activity as well as vulnerabilities that would lead to a breach.
Vulnerability Patching
Found a critical vulnerability in your system? Vendor hasn’t provided a fix yet? Our experts are able to provide zero day fixes to ensure that your environment stays protected all the time.
Advanced Malware Detection
Various key security incidents in the news today showcase just how advanced attackers have become in the creation of malware. Our team ensures that malware isn’t able to get a foothold in your systems.
Two Factor Authentication
Passwords are simply not enough security for access to critical systems today. Our team is able to implement to greatly reduce that chance of unauthorized access to key IT systems.
End Point Security
We provide organizations to control how, what, when, who can have access to resources both on the endpoint devices as well as the networks they are attached to.
Need a cyber forensics solutions? We employ a wide array of methods and tools to fit your needs and provide the solution and reporting required for most scenarios