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A chorus of security experts say allegations WhatsApp’s end-to-end messaging platform has a backdoor are wrong and explain why reports making the claim are false.
Operations Manager at Paterva Andrew Macpherson outlines the details of the “Digital Intelligence Gathering using Maltego” course being offered at SAS 2017.
New rules signed by the president last week change the way the NSA is able to share raw intelligence data with other intelligence community agencies.
Claims of a security hole in WhatsApp’s messenger app were shot down by WhatsApp, which called the allegations false.
Google has taken a big step toward simplifying public key lookups at Internet scale with the release to open source on Thursday of Key Transparency.
The news of the week is discussed, including the ShadowBrokers’ farewell, GoDaddy’s buggy domain validation issue, MongoDB ransoms, and the latest with St. Jude Medical.
Mike Mimoso talks to Marie Moe, a research scientist at SINTEF of Norway, about her personal and emotional connection to medical device security.
The ShadowBrokers today ended their operations, saying they would no longer leak Equation Group exploits.
A new WordPress update, pushed this week, resolves eight security issues, including a handful of XSS and CSRF bugs.
A bug in GoDaddy’s domain validation process forced the registrar to revoke SSL certificates and reissue certs for more than 6,000 customers.
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