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The Electronic Frontier Foundation retracted a blog post today highly critical of Verizon and the upcoming rollout of an app called AppFlash made by Evie Labs.
This year’s Security Analyst Summit is previewed and the news of the week is discussed, including a Microsoft IIS zero day, a new Mirai variant, and the broadband privacy ruling.
Researchers warn of a wave in aviation-themed phishing attacks that aim to steal credentials and install malware.
Researchers are tracking a new variant of the Mirai malware after it launched a 54-hour long DDoS attack against a U.S. college.
Owners of Github repositories were the focus of a phishing campaign spreading the Dimnie information-stealing malware.
The author behind the banking Trojan NukeBot released source code for the malware earlier this month in an apparent effort to regain the trust of the cybercrime community.
Businesses say overturning one of the nation’s strongest internet privacy protection rules will deal a blow to data privacy, security and integrity for businesses and consumers alike.
Researchers have disclosed a zero-day vulnerability and proof-of-concept exploit for a flaw in Microsoft IIS 6.0. The zero-day has been under attack since last July, the researchers said.
Five vulnerabilities exist in Siemens RUGGEDCOM gear; the vendor has made a number of workarounds available, but it’s unknown whether patches will be made available.
VMware patched vulnerabilities uncovered earlier this month at Pwn2Own that could have let an attacker execute code on the VMware Workstation and carry out a virtual machine escape.