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At Black Hat last week, an add-on Windows driver and filesystem called ShieldFS was unveiled that detects ransomware and recovers files.
Hackers at DEF CON last week exploited vulnerabilities in electronic pollbooks and voting machines with ease.
The authors behind the Android banking malware family Svpeng have added a keylogger to a recent strain, giving attackers yet another way to steal sensitive data.
Microsoft patched three new Outlook vulnerabilities and re-released updates from a broken June update.
Google’s top Android engineer describes how the attack surface is shrinking on the mobile operating system.
MedSec CEO Justine Bone said shorting companies to profit off discovered vulnerabilities is a viable business model for the security community.
Abuse of the Docker API allows remote code execution on targeted system, which enables hackers to escalate and persists thanks to novel attacks called Host Rebinding Attack and Shadow Containers.
As we approach the first anniversary of the ShadowBrokers, their true identity and source of their stolen NSA exploits remains a mystery.
A ransomware study released Google revealed the malware earned criminals $25 million over the past two years.
APT Cobalt Gypsy or OilRig, used a fake persona called “Mia Ash” to ensnare tech-savvy workers in the oil and gas industry into downloading PupyRAT malware.