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This week’s news includes a Microsoft zero-day flaw and Yahoo’s recent email privacy snafu.
The service gleans information from receipts, travel itineraries, trade confirmations for online brokerages, Uber messages, auto-loan confirmations, promotions and much more.
Fortune 500 breaches seem to be a theme this week.
Under Armour is getting kudos for disclosing breach within weeks, but concerns remain over an unknown portion of credentials reportedly stored using the weak SHA-1 hashing function.
Yahoo on Tuesday released an update to its 2013 breach, notifying users that all 3 billion accounts in existence at the time were compromised.
Cloudflare and network operator Credo Mobile suffered a legal defeat when U.S. appeals court ruled to uphold a gag order on FBI surveillance data.
Researcher Chris Evans reported a new bug and showed how also used a previously known flaw in ImageMagick to leak Yahoo server data and steal images and authentication secrets.
Yahoo has patched an account takeover vulnerability on its Flickr image-hosting service that earned an independent security researcher a $7,000 bounty.
Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook discuss the news of the week, including Pwn2Own 2017, Microsoft’s silence around February’s Patch Tuesday, and a nasty SAP bug.
The Department of Justice indicted four individuals, including two Russian FSB officers, for their roles in the Yahoo breach.