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Unlike its browser competitors, Firefox will soon start blocking tracking cookies by default in the name of consumer privacy.
The service gleans information from receipts, travel itineraries, trade confirmations for online brokerages, Uber messages, auto-loan confirmations, promotions and much more.
Don’t expect tracking methods such as browser fingerprinting to disappear anytime soon, even with GDPR, warns the EFF.
Netgear patches over a dozen vulnerabilities impacting its routers, switches and NAS devices.
Version 10g of Oracle Access Manager suffers from vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to hijack sessions.
Researchers spotted a strain of cookie stealing malware, injected into a legitimate JavaScript file, masquerading as a WordPress core domain.
Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook discuss the news of the week, including this week’s House hearing on the Internet of Things, Samy Kamkar’s PoisonTap tool, and Windows 10’s ransomware protections.
LAS VEGAS—There’s been an abundance of attacks against crypto over the last few years but a much simpler, scarier threat, cookie hijacking, remains significantly overlooked in the eyes of researchers. Two academics, Suphannee Sivakorn, a PhD student at Columbia University, and Jason Polakis, an assistant professor at the University of Illinois discussed just how woefully inadequate...
When Apple pushed out iOS 9.2.1 earlier this week, it fixed a nasty bug that lingered in the wild for nearly three years and could have let an attacker steal cookies and impersonate victims. The problem stems from the little windows that pop up when you connect to a public WiFi network according to Skycure, an...
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Hot on the heels of Firefox 41 – which saw the end of a 14-year-old bug that sucked up memory for Adblock Plus users – Mozilla announced a new beta of the popular web browser. Firefox 42 beta for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android is packed with new features, such as indicators which make it clear when a tab is...