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Unlike its browser competitors, Firefox will soon start blocking tracking cookies by default in the name of consumer privacy.
Mozilla is testing a new tool that securely checks to see if users’ accounts have been hacked.
Mozilla is testing a method of securing DNS traffic via HTTPS, but is faced with some privacy resistance.
The FCC’s rollback of network neutrality regulations is set to be complete in April, but it won’t happen without a fight.
Dueling browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, have patched bugs and beefed up security.
Mozilla and a coalition of state U.S. attorney generals have filed federal lawsuits in hopes of reinstating net neutrality.
Intel, Amazon, ARM, Microsoft and others have shared patch updates to keep customers informed on their mitigation efforts to protect against the far reaching Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities impacting computers, servers and mobile devices worldwide. 
Mozilla has patched one critical vulnerability in its Thunderbird email client along with two bugs rated high.
The impending demise of Adobe Flash will create legacy challenges similar to Windows XP as companies begin to wean themselves off the vulnerable code base.
Mozilla fixed three critical vulnerabilities and made Flash click-to-activate by default when it released Firefox 55 on Tuesday