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Researchers have come up with a way to blind ISPs and attackers in a man-in-the-middle position to network traffic emanating from smart home devices.
Researchers warn a retooled ‘Jimmy’ Nukebot no longer steals bankcard data, rather focuses on avoiding detection as it downloads malicious modules.
The disclosure and recent analysis of thousands of leaked telnet credentials paints a bleak picture of the state of IoT security.
Drone manufacturer DJI announced Monday it was launching a bug bounty program to reward researchers who find vulnerabilities in its drones.
A legal defense fund established to ease Marcus Hutchins’ attorney costs has been disbanded after a sizable number of fraudulent donations were discovered.
Eight members of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council resigned last week, citing insufficient attention to the growing threats to the cybersecurity by the Trump Administration.
A large botnet of Android devices called WireX is responsible for large-scale application-layer DDoS attacks against businesses in the hospitality, porn and gambling industries.
The anonymous messaging app Sarahah says it plans to remove a feature that uploads users contacts, including phone numbers and email addresses to the company’s servers, in the next update.
A list of device IPs and credentials has gone viral since Thursday, kicking off an effort by researchers to notify the owners of these connected devices before they’re hacked.
Defray, a new, although small strain of ransomware, was spotted by researchers targeting comapnies in the education and healthcare verticals.
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